Unless you have visited this page before you are probably wondering to yourself, "What in the world are BOVILEXICS?" For those of you that are wondering, here is a definition and origin of the word BOVILEXICS.

bovilexic (bo vil EKS ik) adj. Suffering from or afflicted with bovilexia.
  n. One who suffers from or is afflicted with bovilexia.
bovilexia (bo vil EKS e uh) n. The uncontrollable urge to lean out the car window and yell "Moo!!" every time you pass a cow.

After viewing this definition you may be thinking, "Is BOVILEXICS a real word?" Well, if by real word you mean defined in an English dictionary then the answer would be no. BOVILEXICS is derived from the word BOVILEXIA which is a SNIGLET.

As you know there are many words (slang, etc.) that are commonly used, are not found in any English dictionary, and are still considered by many to be real words. SNIGLETS could possibly be grouped with this category of words. This conclusion would probably lead you to another question, "What in the world are SNIGLETS?"

sniglet (SNIG let) n. Any word that doesn't appear in the dictionary, but should.

SNIGLETS were first created by Rich Hall while he was a writer/performer on the HBO comedy series "Not Necessarily the News." Later these SNIGLETS were gathered together and published by the Macmillan Publishing Company in the early 1980s. These books of SNIGLETS contained "Official SNIGLETS Entry Blank" forms that could be submitted by any individual with a new word.

Twenty years later in the early 2000s and SNIGLETS still live on though not in the same form. The books that were previously published are now out of print and barely remembered. However, the internet which is home of much useful (and useless) information has found a way to keep the SNIGLETS alive.

Performing a search on any major search engine will turn up many links to web pages that keep lists of old and new SNIGLETS - this is one such page.

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