If this is you first visit to the BOVILEXICS web site, then you should start at the about page. This page will answer many of the questions you probably have about this page such as :

What are bovilexics? Is bovilexics really a word?
What are sniglets? Is sniglets really a word?

Now that you know about the background of BOVILEXICS feel free to browse through the other areas of the web site.

You will find pages related to BOVILEXICS and its background including :

Bovine ASCII Art

You will also find pages completely unrelated to BOVILEXICS but still interesting :

JavaPH Home Page
Situational Puzzles
Technical Support

If continue coming back to this web site you will eventually find these pages as they are developed some time in the future :

Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator (MAME)
Large Scale K*Nex Models